"For Over 5 Good Years, I Searched Everywhere for a Permanent Solution to My 2 Minutes in Bed and Small Manhood Issues… Little Did I Know That The Solution I Seek is in a 192 Years Old Herbs From Asia"

This is the story of my life! A very bitter experience.....

"...I have always thought sex was just something women do to only make men happy"

But I later realized that I was totally wrong! That school of thought almost sent me to my grave too early.

Many years before getting married, I read in one of the daily newspapers, Tribune to be precise, about a woman that dragged her husband to court and divorced him because the man was not good in bed.

Then that story sounded like a fiction to me. 

I thought the editor just made it up to sell his paper because in my imagination, women were not that bold to discuss intimate matters in public, especially when it concerns them.

Unfortunately, when I married much later, that exact fate befell me.

Why me?

My penis had always been small – just a little above 4 inches. 

However, I never knew that quick ejaculation would soon join. 

It did… and I later learnt from Dr. Ifeanyi, my university friend that both go hand in hand.


Within the first six months of our marriage, she started complaining heavily of insatisfaction and my poor performance in bed! She has never reached orgasm or enjoy sex with me cos i get done too early and some other times, i will be outside of her already unknowingly all because of my small manhood and premature ejaculation palava




She has never had that from me…

How could that be possible with a penis as small as mine… a penis that doesn’t go half into her honey pot… and at worst, doesn't last beyond 5 minutes before it points downwards like an unsold vegetable returned from the market?


I never took her complains too serious until she started reporting me around to my uncle, elder sister, priest and even a senior colleague at work.


For three good years, I was shameful to even move around my peers because they were all aware of my inabilities

Nothing is as shameful as not been able to satisfy your woman in bed! ...

The Most Annoying Part Is Having Someone Else Servicing Your Woman Because Of Ones 2in1 Manhood Issues!

In the course of our first three years in marriage, we had a baby boy Precious. Little did I know that Precious wasn't my biological son. He had a serious ailment at 10months and need to be transfused that was when the bomb shell dropped. My friend has been servicing my wife eversince he knew about my issues and their affair brought Precious.

This bomb shell made me lose my wife, my home, my image in the community and i had to relocate to another part of the city of Lagos 

That Was How My Serious Hunt For Solution To My Small Manhood & Premature Ejaculation Started...

I became a prey of every position solution I hear and see. I really wasted my money on many of them. But I thank God for a US magazine I saw during a conference at Eko Hotels. That was where my change of story came from.

I had a long conversation with the contact and we exchange lot of mails. I was wowed with the amazing results I got. See Image below

I wish I got access to this solution long before I got married and became a shame in my community and family.


After wasting money on lots of fakes out there... and risking my life testing out every concoction I come in contact with... what I finally found is the same solution that didn't only help me PERMANENTLY reverse my premature ejaculation problem, and added extra 4inches to my size... but has gone ahead to help over 47 other men.

The news got so wide that I started getting calls from everywhere... even outside of the country.

At a point, it started interfering heavily with my job.

So, an idea came recently...

That idea gave birth to this site.

I thought about penning down my experiences in a web page, so that anyone far and wide can read through, get directives on how to get the solution, and be in steady contact with me.

So, if you wish to join the special group of persons who are tired of trying and risking their lives on solutions that don't work...

...all you're required to do is to then click on "Pls Show Me This Amazing Solutions" button below... and let me tell you how it can do the same magic for you!

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