Reasons Why Penis Enlargement Is Not Working For You…. And Reason To Stop Buying Them Unless You Do The Needful To Get The Permanent Solution…..

The Bitter Truth Of Penis Enlargement


Due to both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE comments we got from our numerous customers on the last Penis enlargement and premature ejaculation products we sold. Thou the positives result was massive and this gave us more confidence and made us known that it's working but there's a problem somewhere for those with negative comments which we are not happy about.

Some even made us known that they have bought lots of tablets, cream, gel and many more in order to get solution to these problems but all prove abortive. But the truth is that the product is very effective.  At a point we stopped selling the products because of the mixed comments.


So we consulted Sex therapist for research on issues of sexual dysfunctions like premature ejaculation, penis enlargement, erectile dysfunction, watery sperm and others.  The research has proven that 3 things can be the problem.


1.  The outcome of the research proves that many men are having problem of toxin, chronic untreated and mistreated infections, bacteria, excess of sugar, obesity (too fat, overweight) and types of diet they consumed. As the infections are not visible to us, we can’t know until when we go for medical checkup. If you are having any of these, there’s no way any Sexual solution will work for you. Especially having a MICRO PENIS like this below...... Cry no more, final solution is here.

98% of men are not going for medical checkup unless when they are having serious illness. Medical checkup is supposed to be done if not twice at least once in a year; all the toxins in the body will have been detected and will have been treated.

Problems listed above is like when 2 Paracetamol are recommended and some will have to take up to 4 before it work on them. The lasting solution to these problems is to get rid of all unwanted bacteria in the body before buying any products for small manhood and 2minutes in bed. This is available for you.  


2. Another research let us know that some of our customers are not using product according to the prescription. For example, when a gel is supposed to be used in the morning and at night, and it's used just once in a day. How will this work? And the blame will be on the product or the seller. Some will forget or too busy to rub the Gel on their penis for the 15minutes prescribed.Whose Fault?

3.  Another factor that causes having a Micro Penis is not your fault but usually caused by the local circumcision done by parents when you are young. Circumcision has been modernized now beyond doing it locally.  Average size of full erected Penis should be about 7inches, if yours is not up to that it is called MICRO PENIS. Micro penis usually 2-3 inches when full erected. Not that the Penis cannot grow up to 7 inches but it has gone inside and good enlargement treatment will bring it out to the fullest.

  Honestly, lots of home has been ruined due to dissatisfaction of woman in bed. Many years ago, we have been hearing on our daily newspapers on how women are dragging their husbands to court for divorce due to lack of satisfaction on bed.  This also happened in Ibadan recently. You will never believe this until when it happens to you or someone closer to you.

 That will sound like a fiction to you……


One will think that the editor of the newspaper cooked the story just to sell their papers. Because in one imagination women were not that bold to discuss intimate matters in public, especially their home.

If a woman is not satisfied enough in bed, she will be complaining and this can lead to extra marital affairs. That’s a problem.

If a Woman does not reach orgasm or enjoy sex with you because you get done too early and some other times, you will be outside her already unknowingly all because of your small manhood and premature ejaculation palava. There’s a fire on a mountain.



Yes! When last did she have that with you?


How could that be possible with small penis just like that of 14yrs old boy….penis that doesn’t go half way into her honey pot …. And at worst, doesn’t last beyond 3-5 minutes before it points downwards like an unsold vegetable returned from the market?

 If you don’t take this serious, she can be reporting you to the least person you can expect or she can be taking steps beyond.

Nothing Is As Shameful As Not Been Able To Satisfy Your Woman In Bed!  


And the most annoying part of it is having someone closer to you servicing your wife because of the small manhood and 2minutes issue.

 In the course of our research, our Sex therapist explained that all the Penis enlargement and premature ejaculation can only work on those that are free from all sorts of body infections. Meaning those with complains of not working with them will have to treat infections in their body.


Upon our research we came up of solutions to the problems mentioned above. The solutions have been created for the lasting solution to Penis enlargement and premature ejaculation. We have used this to treat lots of people with the same sexual problem.  

Over the time we were able to help solve the problem of penis enlargement and premature ejaculation for 148 men and still counting.....

Nothing can be so fulfilling as helping provide solution to a problem that is capable of tearing families and relationship apart.

 You must use some Med to detoxify your system so as to get rid of all infections that can prevent it work

Here's what the 2 solutions look like... plus how you can grab your own slot today, before the remaining 30 slots all fly away!


BODY REJUVENATE was produced by a company in china called OWN YOUR CLINIC. Penis Rejuvenate is one of the ancient treatment used in China that usually make them be active at 70.  It has been used to treat lots of toxin, bacteria and all sorts of infections in the body.  We are ready to give this  BODY REJUVENATE out to just 27.

No side-effect. Used in USA, UK, CANADA etc

Normal Price  = #19, 500

Today's Discounted Price = #17, 500

SOLUTION #2: SuperMax Rod 

Penis Enlargement & Premature Ejaculation Solution: Radically Penis Enlargement, Last longer during sex, Full erection, Sperm thickness, Regain Libido Loss, Increase the sexual functions.

SuperMax Rod consists of 10 pills which is to be taken every 7 days.

No side effect 

Normal Price = 21,500

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Cash on delivery (CoD) Nationwide  


So long your address is easily traceable, you can send us your details and our partner courier company will bring the item to you and you pay the dispatch rider upon delivery.

 Discounted Price = #37, 000


Super discount = #25,000

Note:  Please be sure you are FULLY ready for the product and the money to pay at the point of delivery is available before you placed order.

To use this option,  send the following details via text message or WhatsApp to 09056169838

  • Your full names,
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  • Phone numbers (if you have more than one, better.)

Once we receive your details, one of our agents will contact you, and thereafter dispatch your order within the next 24 hours.
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